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Chattanooga is counting the trees in their care

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Rich Sulley knows trees better than most. Fact of the matter is, Rich is in Chattanooga for one reason: look at our trees.

Rich is an inventory arborist. He travels all across the country. For the past three years, he’s made his living, working alone, checking everything there is to know about trees. Big ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones.

It’s location, the safety factor. You name it. Rich is examining it.

“I’m looking at tree species. I’m looking at the diameter of the trunk. I’m looking at if a tree is under any utility lines. I’m looking at growth space. Those are the primary fields I’m collecting data.”

Rich started his work here about two weeks ago. The city’s Department of Public Works is able to fund this project because of a grant by the Lyndhurst Foundation.

City forester Pete Stewart says the intensive work is much needed!

“It helps for tree planting, as well as pest problems. Also, it’s routine maintenance. We can identify species that are performing well. And those that are not.

Rich Sulley has looked at as many as 549 trees in one day. With that, he’ll use his trusty I-Pad and inventory our downtown trees in particular. Roughly 10-thousand of them.

“I do this nationwide. So I have to acclimate to the area and the specific, various species. It differs region to region. By the way, you have a diverse oak tree community area.”

The city says it’ll take about six weeks or so to finish job.
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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