More To The Story with Staley: Airport Art

The art concepts behind "Chroma"

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s the fourth exhibit local artist Carrie Pendergrass has put together at the Chattanooga Airport!

This one is called “Chroma!” Pertaining to the properties of color. Or color itself.

All different types of paintings. With various styles.

“This is an interesting range. There is realistic work. There is abstract work. There are industrial works. It’s a group of paintings that really appeal to everyone.”

18 regional artist’s works are on display. Some 25 paintings total.

This exhibit at the airport is meant to show the work, as well as sell it.

Prices range from in the hundreds……to the thousands.

Carrie Pendergrass says individual paintings like this can be expensive. They are not mass produced.

“It seems expensive, but it’s somebody’s job. They put in their time, their intellect and their energy. It’s not an hourly thing. It’s a hand made product. Many artists spend as much on their materials as they do on actually making any money back. It’s a loss a lot of the time.”

The exhibit, which opened the first of this month, runs through at least December. And it’s always open to the public.

Contact Carrie Pendergrass for more info…….she has the skinny!

Dave Staley, News 12.

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