More To The Story With Staley: BBQ

Dave learns where the money goes for the Jazz and Barbeque event

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Mimi Nikkel and the rest of her organization is getting ready for the big day in October.

It is “Love’s Arm’s” fourth annual Jazz and Barbeque Event. A fundraiser to be held on the 27th of next month.

Love’s Arm works with women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

Money raised will make a huge difference.

“Keeping one woman off the street for one day saves 12-hundred dollars. That gives you an idea of the impact. To help a woman find a life off the streets.”

The Jazz and Barbeque will be held at the Restoration Southside Church in downtown Chattanooga. It’s been successful in years past.

But Nikkel says it’s been a tough year for fundraising. And there are many non-profits. Competition for dollars is tough.

Nikkel says this years goal is 50-thousand dollars. She says the need to help victims of human trafficking is very serious.

“The need here in Chattanooga is off the charts. We have watched this activity increase. It’s a plague on our culture. We are the second largest hub for trafficking and prostitution in the SouthEast.”

Nikkel says she believes Chattanooga is a very generous community. And that the Jazz and Barbeque event will bring out the best in those wanting to help and serve.

Dave Staley, News 12.

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