More To The Story with Staley: Christmas Music

When should radio stations begin playing it?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) –  It’s Patti Sanders. Running the board at Sunny 92.3. She is “The Queen” of the radio station. An iconic voice in the long history of Chattanooga radio. Simply put, one of the best!

But Patti and her co-workers will soon be zeroing in on Christmas music. Sooner than one might think.

You see, Sunny 92.3 is pretty much the “official Christmas music station for Chattanooga.” Has been. For decades.

But getting ready for the season is about to begin. Right now!!

“We start in just a couple of weeks working on the music. Way in advance. We try to stay fresh every year. We look at new stuff, as well as the old favorites. It takes weeks on end to plan. We go through all the songs. And we look to what our listeners want to hear. We do research.”

That Christmas music on Sunny begins right around Thanksgiving. And then gains steam non-stop. Through Christmas Day,
Howard says he believes you certainly could not play Christmas music all year round. But in his almost 30 years with the station, the Christmas format has worked. With few complaints!!

“Reaction has always been positive. Maybe a negative call or two. Again, we start before Thanksgiving. So far, we’ve done well. With not a lot of complaints.”

Howard says Christmas is always a festive time for Patti Sanders and all of the folks at the station. Dating way back to the days when Luther Masingill was behind the mic.

Dave Staley, News 12.

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