More To the Story with Staley: “Fries For School Supplies”

McDonald's stores contribute money from campaign to help buy school supplies for kids

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s called McDonald’s “Fries For School Supplies.”

For one week a year, local franchise owners and operators take the proceeds from a la carte french fry sales and donate the money to local schools.

This year, the check for Hamilton County was worth over 42-hundred dollars.

“We are fortunate to have these partners. With this, the schools can determine how they want to spend their money. Whatever their needs are, they can decide. We’re so lucky to have them.”

This is the second year of this program. The total amount for Hamilton County is roughly the same as last year.
Both sides say it’s a good partnership.

“We get a lot of great ideas on things we should do. We thought this was a great one. Because we do care about our schools. And this is a way to give back to the kids in our area.”

The 42-hundred dollars will be split between all of the county schools. Amounts per school will vary. But each school will have free reign, as to what to do with the cash!

“Each school will decide how to spend the money. Whatever they need, they can spend it on. Which is really a blessing.”

Overall, this year’s fundraiser totaled over 85-thousand dollars for schools across Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee.
Dave Staley, News 12.

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