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Christmas always comes early in this LaFayette garage

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – It’s a home in Lafayette. On Gordon Pond. With a very unique garage. You see, it’s the Mary Claus Workshop.

Inside, a “winter wonderland.” Built several years ago by Mike and Mary Anderson.

Consisting of seven different Christmas sets. Folks make an appointment, come in and get their Christmas pictures taken.

Mike…..well known in the area as ‘Santa Claus’…..lost his battle with COVID last year.

Mary….known as ‘Mary Claus’… continuing the yearly tradition. As a labor love.

“When he was alive, I would start decorating in September. Because we would start our work in October. From October through Christmas we were busy.”

Mary’s business is now partnering with the local charity “Stocking Full Of Love.” The charity, which started back in 1989, helps little kids in the area during the holiday season. Making sure they all have toys for Christmas.

And it’s very meaningful to the Walker County Sheriff’s Department.

“We’ve served as many as two-thousand kids at Christmas. Our average is between 12 hundred and 15 hundred children each year in Walker County.

“We actually wind up having toys left over every year. We then have toys we can apply to the following year.”

You need to make a reservation to experience the Mary Claus Workshop. November 1st is when it opens.

But the fundraiser for the charity is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, the 14th, 15th and 16th.

Mary says the kids will love this place. So do the Mom’s and Dad’s!!

“Adults seem to enjoy it as much as the kids. Kids see Santa, while the adults look all around the room. Because there’s toys everywhere. It’s amazing.”

For much more information, find Mary Claus on Facebook. Or call 423-598-9606.

It’ll get you in the spirit!!

From Lafayette, Dave Staley, News 12.

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