More to the Story with Staley: Maverick Dance Alliance

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The world of competitive dancing can be extremely serious business. For one dance studio here in Chattanooga, that hard work just paid off. And now, they stand alone in our area.

Maverick Dance Alliance has only been in business since August of last year.

The Senior Bravo Team, made up of 11 elite athletes aged 13 to 18, has only been competing since December.

But then, the team received a bid to the “Dance Worlds” in Orlando. The “Super Bowl of Dance!” To say it went well in the Sunshine State is an understatement.

“Our entire goal this year was to make it to Orlando,” said studio owner Emily Tinsley. “At one point, we weren’t sure if we’d receive a bid. But we finally got that bid, and then we went. And then they knocked it out of the park.”

Against some 300 teams from all over the world. Against Japan, New Zealand and Italy, the Senior Bravo Team finished ninth. That is unheard of in dance competition, since most of the the other teams have been together for years.

For senior team co-captain Kyndal Baker, it was the most pleasant of surprises.

“I never expected to make it to day three, but once we made it past the first day, I was really excited. And then when we made it to the final day…the finals…it was just a crazy goal for our studio,” Baker said.

“We were very surprised to say the least. It’s not easy at all,” Tinsley added. “We are honored and grateful. Every day was a different level. We were just honored to compete.”

The team will continue to practice three or four days a week. Because there’s much more on the horizon!

“We have our season ending recital on June 3. And then we start training again. And then we start competing all over again!” Tinsley concluded.

Yes, the work continues. For Chattanooga’s only dance team currently ranked in the world’s top ten.

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