Mowbray Mountain Fire Update

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- It’s day five for the wildfires on both Flipper Bend and Mowbray Mountain.

Crews are working countless hours to keep them under control, and away from the homes of residents living in those areas.

“John, more than 30 people are back home tonight, after being asked to evacuate earlier this afternoon, as the potentially dangerous wildfire continues to spread here on Mowbray Mountain.”

Amy Maxwell, who is Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management stated, “This was a big challenge today. As of last night at 8 o’clock, um the fire was controlled and contained, but overnight the winds had picked up and uh the fire has jumped the break, at that time. So by morning um we had uh potentially structure endangerment.”

Those structures meaning the homes of residents living on the mountain; Amy Maxwell, with the Hamilton County office of emergency management, says in particular houses on Arnat Drive and Bonnelia Circle were most at risk.

“So this afternoon about lunch time uh the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office went door to door, and advised for their safety that they needed to evacuate their homes until further notice. So they packed their belongings,” said Maxwell.

Those residents were eventually allowed to go home later on in the evening, but only after the safety and security of that neighborhood could be confirmed.

“With the help of Tennessee Forestry, with the continuous efforts of water drops and the fire retardant and obviously the volunteer firemen who are here to protect property, did an outstanding job. We had no structures that were uh damaged at all, with fire. We came very close to a lot of these residents over here, but these volunteer firemen are committed to protecting the property up here at Hamilton County and Mowbray Mountain,” said Maxwell.

Officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but are asking all residents to please avoid burning anything, either on your property or in the woods.

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