The Moxy Merges Art And Ink

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Blank Canvas project is the Moxy’s art program where local artists have a chance to showcase their talents at different Moxy locations.

Artists like Petra Braun get to display their artwork in the Moxy hotel.

Celebrity tattoo artist, Megan Massacre transforms the art into tattoos.

Massacre says, “As a tattoo artist, it’s always been a collaborative art right? Like when a client comes to me, they have an idea and I sort of help them bring that idea to life. So the collaboration this time was between me and the other artist. Where she has her beautiful artwork and I sort of take bits and pieces of it that I think transfer really well into tattooing and then make them into tattoos.”

Megan has been on a number of different reality tattoo shows and her art has taken her worldwide.

Massacre says, “The Moxy is just furthering that opportunity for tattoo artist to travel and share their artwork with people from all over the place. What was really cool was last night, the event in Chattanooga, a lot of the people that I met and tattooed were tattoo artist. So it is really cool to see the artistic community really taking a part in this, and the Moxy creating that opportunity for them.”

So what advice does a world renowned tattoo artist have for someone getting their first tattoo?

Massacre says,” I usually recommend to people is to pick something that is timeless and meaningful. Just something that happend in their life that they are never going to regret or is always going to be a good memory or something that can’t change.”

The next and final stop for the Blank Canvas Project is Atlanta in the fall.

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