Murray County High School vs. Ringgold High School

Ringgold, GA (WDEF) – Murray County was at Ringgold Friday night.

Murray took the field with some major energy.

Must be from all that Halloween candy, but it didn’t translate to their play.

Ringgold gave the ball to Dee King who breaks one tackle and shakes another before being popped by Peetee Waldon.

Devin Lancaster engineered a beautiful drive and capped it off with a sweet touchdown pass to Peyton Tennant to put the Tigers up 7 nothing in the 1st.

Murray looking to respond, but the Tigers defense stands tall when Michael King sacks Dominick Genitempo.

Tigers ball now, and Lancaster has them marching when there is some 2 on 2 crime.

Peyton Tennant is hit hard by Genitempo, but he hangs on to the ball.

To cap that drive off, they give the ball to Ty Jines who runs right into the camera and the end zone to give the Tigers a 14 nothing lead.

Things looking dim for Murray County until Genitempo drops back and bombs one to Chandler Simpson who pulls it in and finds the end zone to pull them within 7 points.

But that was the only spark for Murray County all night.

Ringgold went on to win 35 to 7.

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