National No Texting & Driving Day

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) Friday, September 19th is the National No Texting and Driving day and AT&T is stepping up to urge drivers not to use their phones while driving.

The company partnered with UTC to try to target the age group most at risk of texting while driving.

The phone company created a hashtag for people to let others know that you are leaving a conversation because you’re driving.

It’s #X.

You can use it with the Drive Mode app that AT&T created.

AT&T Regional Director MaryStewart Lewis says, "When you get in your car you can turn it on, and it can text back and say hashtag x, I’m driving, or whatever you want it to say to let people know, but we found over the years one of the main reasons people say they continue to text is because somebody continues to text them."

The phone company is also encouraging students and others to take their no texting while driving pledge.

You can text ICWTN, meaning It Can Wait Tennessee to 464 329, or if you’re a Mocs fan text ICWMOCS.

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