National Supermarket Employee Day Highlights Local Manager with Over 50 Years of Service

Today is National Supermarket Employee Day! The Food Industry Association recently proclaimed the day to recognize employees at every level for the work they do feeding families. Food City is awarding each of their 17,000 associates a $15 gift card/certificate to a local restaurant.

Today, we are honoring David Leatherwood, Manager at the Food City in Hixson, who has worked in the industry for 52 years. Leatherwood is retiring at the end of February. He started as a bag boy in 1969, then worked his way up to manager.

Leatherwood says, “My favorite part of the job is not only my customers, but all of my associates that I have seen over the years, and watched them grow in their jobs. I’ve had associates now who are doctors, lawyers.”

Calvin Hyatt, Human Resources Coordinator says, “I’ll miss the most about David is he really is a people manager and a people leader. His greatest strength is being out there with his customers, with his associates.”

Leatherwood says the people and the community were the reason he stayed so long. He looks forward to relaxing after he retires.

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