Neighbor gives detailed account of how two children were rescued from drowning

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) — A man who took part in the rescue effort to save two children from drowning explains how it all went down Wednesday evening.

It happened in the backyard of a home on Georgetown Road.

Kevin Key told News 12 that shortly after 5 PM,  he heard someone screaming for help.  He walked outside and immediately ran towards his neighbor’s fenced yard where two children ages 7 and 9 were drowning in a pool.

“I see the father holding the little girl in the deep end of the pool, so I ran around and tried to help.”

Key said soon after he responded,  firefighters arrived on scene and performed CPR on the girl.

“She was just really pale and kind of turning blue.”

Key told News 12 that while responders were performing CPR on the girl, her father grabbed his chest and said he couldn’t breathe. The girl’s father was taken to an ambulance for medical attention when responders learned that another child was possibly still in the pool.

“A little girl came out and said we can’t find Mikey. So I ran over and told officers that no one can find the little boy. That’s when everybody ran into the pool and they got the rope and jumped in the pool. They found the little boy at the bottom,” Key stated.

The water was murky and the bottom of the pool was slippery from algae. Key said by the time they pulled the boy from the water, his entire body was blue from lack of oxygen. Both children were rushed to a local emergency room where doctors managed to revive them. Both children were then transported to T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit where authorities say the brother and sister have shown signs of being responsive.

Investigators have ruled out foul play but have yet to determine why the brother and sister were in their next door neighbor’s back yard which is fenced off.


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