Neighbor photographs bear in East Ridge

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Neighbors in East Ridge spotted a bear this morning.

A resident on Sanctuary road captured this photo off of his balcony.

Here is something you don’t want to see in your backyard.

There is no sign of where the bear my be at this time so be on the lookout and be careful.

TWRA Biologist Ben Layton says “This time of year we see a lot of bear movement into new areas.”

“A lot of that movement is occurring from some adult male bears that out of their natal home range. It’s kind of in preparation for the bear breeding season.”

The T-W-R-A says if you see a bear in your back yard, keep a safe distance and begin making loud noises to scare it away.

Once the bear has left, remove any garbage, bird seed or pet food from your yard.

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