New Council in, city manager out in Athens political squabble

ATHENS, Tennessee (WDEF) – The City of Athens took a major step tonight in putting months of political in-fighting to a rest.

The new City Council met for the first time since an election day turnover that saw the old mayor and vice-major voted out.

The drama continued Monday when City Manager C. Seth Sumner resigned before the new regime could take over.

He was a frequent target of the new city council members who were elected, and one even has a lawsuit pending against him.

But that feuding, at least publicly, should come to an end.

The severance deal agreed to Monday by the old council requires both Sumner and the council to reframe from openly criticizing the other.

The new council, which took over tonight, is re-elected member Dick Pelley, and newcomers Larry Eaton and Steve Sherilin.

Major Bo Perkins and Vice Mayor Mark Lockmiller finished in the bottom half of a nine person field.

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