New COVID-19 treatment could stop hospital visits

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)- Hamilton Medical Center has opened a new clinic that will provide a new COVID-19 treatment that will help high risk patients.

Last month, Hamilton Medical center opened a new monoclonal clinic.

The clinic will provide treatment for COVID positive patients.

Bamlanivimab, or Bmab, is an FDA approved treatment that helps patients symptoms improve at a faster rate.

Dr. Lee Connor, an Infectious Disease Physician at Hamilton Medical Center, says, “It’s one of the few therapies that we have that has some evidence that it prevents hospitalization.m So, if a primary care provider sees a COVID-19 patient, and newly diagnoses them, then they are able to, along with treating some of their symptoms, refer them over to the clinic so that they can get this infusion and hopefully prevent some hospitalizations or ER visits.”

According to the hospital, Bmab may help limit the amount of virus in the body.

Which means, patients may be less likely to need to go to the hospital.

Brian Delashmitt, the Chief Medical Officer at Hamilton Medical Center says, “Our hope for the Bmab and the monoclonal clinic is that we get patients tested early so that we can get them the actually infusion earlier. And so what we are hopeful for is that it actually decreases our inpatient census of COVID patients.”

Doctors suggest that patients come as early as possible for the treatment to be effective.

Dr. Connor adds, “The sooner we know about that, the sooner we can quarantine you. he sooner we can offer this antibody infusion. The thought is, the sooner you can get it, the better your outcome could be. The longer you wait, the more damage the virus is going to do to you.”

If you test positive and would like this treatment, contact your physician.

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