New evidence introduced at Adam Braseel hearing

GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — At a hearing for a Grundy County man convicted of murder, a woman testifies that someone else committed the crime.

People stood outside the Grundy County Courthouse with signs to show their support for Adam Braseel.

He was convicted for the 2006 murder of Malcolm Burrows.

“We have a huge support group that has grown and grown. They are here to support an innocent man, not just Adam Braseel. But an innocent man that knew nothing about what happened and what he is in prison for,” said Christina Braseel, Adam’s sister.

On Wednesday, a hearing was held to determine whether Braseel should get a new trial.

“There are a couple different pieces of new evidence, but the one that is probably most relevant is that inside the car there was a finger print that was discovered at the time police weren’t able to match that to anybody. But in the past two years they have been able to match that to a man named Kermit Bryson who is deceased, but before he passed away killed a sheriff’s deputy, had a long felony record and then died,” said Alex Little, Adam’s attorney.

Several different people testified including a former sergeant and Grundy County residents. Elizabeth Rector took the stand to say Bryson confessed to the crime.

“He had said that he had killed Malcolm. And I just let him keep talking, then he went into the whole Shane Tate thing,” Rector said.

“Did he say why he killed Malcolm Burrows?

“No. I didn’t ask questions,” Rector said.

“If she is believed and I think there are really good reasons to believe her, that certainly should be a reason for a new trial,” Little said.

Braseel’s family members say they aren’t going to give up.

“We are not going anywhere and we are going to fight for him until he is actually home, vindicated and free for good,” Christina Braseel said.

Adam Braseel’s hearing will continue on July 31.

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