New Glass Street Art Studio & Park

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) The Glass House Collective and Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprises celebrated the opening of a new art studio and park Friday night on Glass Street.

The Mark Making art studio opened along with the Glass Street Park.

It was supposed to be a ribbon cutting, but instead to symbolize the connection to the community; the ribbon was tied!

The celebration including singing and dancing.

Mark Making has already been involved in several local art projects including the CADAS Scholze Center Awakening mural and Howard students’ "20/20 vision" mural.

The goal is to create new public art projects and greatly increase the level of impact in local under served communities.

Frances McDonald with Mark Marking Art says, "We’re an arts organization. We serve and transform the communities through ph and public arts projects and we work with the under served. We are very excited about working with youth from East Chattanooga and we are here to stay."

The new Glass Street park also opened.

It was a vacant lot, but has been repurposed into a pocket park with game tables, a swing set and mural.

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