New Patriots player actually admits that he used to hate Tom Brady and the Patriots

If we’ve learned one thing about Michael Bennett during his NFL career, it’s that he’s not afraid to speak his mind, and apparently, that applies to any topic. 

During an interview with the Patriotsofficial website last week, Bennett actually admitted that he used to hate the Patriots, although that hatred apparently came to an end earlier this month when New England acquired him in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles

So what did Bennett hate about the Patriots? Everything. 

“I used to hate the Patriots. I’d hate it because they’d win so much,” Bennett said, via “I’d hate it because Tom Brady’s hair was long. I’d hate it that [Bill] Belichick would wear sweaters. But now that I’m here, I love you. I love Tom Brady’s hair.”

Saying you used to hate your new team in your first interview with your new team probably isn’t the best look, which might be why the Patriots eventually scrubbed that part of the interview from their team website. If you check out the video now, you get the fluffy stuff, like Bennett saying that he already loves being a member of the organization. 

“I love being a Patriot because, obviously, it’s all about winning,” Bennett said. “I think everything about the organization is about team-first. It’s just about doing what you need to do to get to where we want to go as a group. I think I love that.”

Despite those friendly comments, it’s no surprise that Bennett used to hate the Patriots and that’s because he doesn’t exactly have a good history with them. The former Seahawks defensive end was on the losing side of a 28-24 loss in Super Bowl XLIX that ended with a Russell Wilson interception at the goal line. Bennett actually got into brawl with Rob Gronkowski and other players with just seconds left to play in the game.  


Michael Bennett got into it with Rob Gronkowski at the end of Super Bowl XLIX NBC/NFL Game Pass

The brawl ended with multiple players receiving a fine. 

Bennett also doesn’t have a great history with new Patriots defensive coordinator Greg Schiano, which you can read more about by clicking here. The good news for the Patriots is that everyone has apparently decided to let bygones be bygones. 

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