New Riverbend App Helps Festival Goers

Scheduling your Riverbend Festival week and following your favorite performers lineup just got a whole lot easier.

"Everything has to have an app these days," said Friends of the Festival marketing director Amy Morrow. "Everyone wants it in their hands. Pronto. All the information right there."

And yes, this year, there’s a Riverbend app to help you navigate the entire week of festivities.

"This is the first year we have one," said Morrow. "This is the year we thought we need this so people can not only check out the artist, see videos, see the lineup, see where they are. If they’re lost here on sight, look up on the map and see what they’re doing, where they should go to get tokens and all that good stuff. But also to connect socially."

The technology isn’t just informative about the festival activities, it brings friends together.

"So this has a social aspect as well where you can connect with all your friends on facebook, twitter, et cetera so you can see who’s here and connect and say ‘I’m over here, I’m over there’ and run into them on purpose instead of accidentally.," said Morrow.

The app creator is music festival lover Tucker Gumber and he is actually from the Scenic City and met the Riverbend director at a convention.

"The company that did this is called Festivo and they basically started the company to make apps because the guy who owns it is a festival guy," said Morrow. "He calls himself the Festival Guy."

The app is available for Android and Iphone users. Simply search for Riverbend Festival in the apps store and there it is.

"That’s the cool thing about the app is you can say this is going on now. Let me check this out. And head that way."

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