New Study Shows Big Demand For STEM Skilled Workers In Scenic City

CHATTANOOGA, TN, (WDEF)-New research from the Brookings Institute shows without having a college degree but with the right skills in science, technology or engineering you are more likely to get hired in Chattanooga.

At Chatt State they say they are committed to STEM because so many of their graduates get employed straight out of college.

Dr Jim Catanzaro, President of Chatt State,"178 students in various engineering disciplines, 22 different disciplines under engineering technology all of them got jobs"

Catanzaro says parents need to take a tougher approach and chose STEM.

"You have a preference in an area where there are no jobs we will let you do it anyway, well no, you got to take a stand and say look for your well being for our family’s well being for our country’s we need you to chose a STEM discipline"

At PEF and Pathways To Prosperity they feel this study reaffirms their beliefs that getting a job with a university education does not always go hand in hand.

Keri Randolph, PEF, STEM Innovation Hub,"That four year college experience doesn’t necessarily write your ticket to a great paying job, we need to look at alinging some of what we are talking to parents and kids about in terms of work force needs"

Annie Kinworthy, Pathways To Prosperity,"Trying to allow students more opportunities to see what you can do with certain certification programs that are nine months maybe even two years at junior colleges"

The author of the report believes STEM graduates have consistently had the edge in getting employed in the past 3 years.

Jonathan Rothwell, Ph.D."Recent graduates its clear they are earning higher wages they are much more likely to fall into job vacancies if they are in one of these STEM fields particularly computer science"

The study also showed that US employers spend 3500 dollars per hire in advertising and HR costs.

     The Brookings Institute findings also showed average salaries in the Scenic City for those in science and math are close to 70,000 dollars a year.

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