New Years Eve Preparations

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Many Chattanooga venues are playing it safe this New Years Eve.

“This entire year has kind of changed the way we have approached any of these major holidays” said Owner of the Bitter Alibi Jason Bowers.

Bowers says traditionally customers from the three floor restaurant/bar flows into the street to celebrate, bringing in the new year.

This year, they’re taking a smaller -more intimate approach.

“We’ve really been big on keeping the safety of our staff our major priority” said Bowers. “So limiting seating inside and just spreading people out has kind of been our main focus.”

Bowers says big holiday events help keep many local businesses like his afloat but the Bitter Alibi managed a steady flow of customers this past year.

Governor Bill Lee’s latest Executive Order influenced the restaurant’s decision to keep a low profile on New Years Eve.

“It kind of takes the pressure off of each individual business to come up with their own guidelines” said Bowers.

One of Chattanooga’s most premier hotels ‘The Westin’, is playing it safe this year as well. The hotel let News 12 know that they will not host any events on New Years Eve.

They will focus on catering to their guest.

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