News 12 Then: A look back at the Holiday Season 30 years ago

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Our trip back into the News 12 Archives takes us to Christmas of 1986.

We’ve pulled five stories to give you a taste of the season.

So take a look back at how your parents celebrated the holidays.

Let’s start with a tradition you won’t find anymore, the Christmas House.

Designers would dress up a local home and open it up for tours, to raise money for charity.

Another tradition from 1986 that we don’t have anymore is the annual Alabama Christmas Party.

The superstar country group would gather back in Fort Payne to give back to the kids.

They turned receipts from the annual June Jam into Christmas presents for their fans.

Christmas Day and the days around it were big movie days.

But before Netflix and Amazon Prime, that meant going to the theaters.

Here is a look at what was playing in 1986.

The Holidays are also about homecomings.

30 years ago, we talked to a young actor who came home for the holidays.

We got to meet Dennis Hopkins, before Saved By The Bell.

And finally, we present the Christmas Story.

Not in a church sanctuary, but in the great outdoors.

In 1986, a local congregation told the story of the birth of Jesus into the streets, with a drive through Nativity.

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