News 12 Then: Plane crashes on Brainerd Road 10 years ago

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – You probably have wondered, last time you were driving on Brainerd Road and a plane came swooping down over your head to land at the airport.

Has one of those planes ever come up short?

One did ten years ago.

A private jet didn’t make it to the runway in September of 2007.

Instead it hit in Brainerd Village, skipped across the highway and landed in the Longhorn Steakhouse parking lot.

Amazingly, all four people on board survived.

The passengers from Birmingham would later tell us about the ordeal.

But this wasn’t the first time a small plane had crashed coming or going from Chattanooga’s airport.

In fact, it was the third time in 25 years.

Reporter Jason Law and videographer Allen Fairbanks look back at the other crashes and the people working under the plane flyway.

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