News 12 Then: The Worm Burger Rumor of 1978

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) Your parents and grandparents may often complain that you can’t trust what you read on Facebook, Twitter or any of those new-fangled social medias.

But they fell for a rumor or two back in their day, too.

Let’s go back 40 years for a whopper of a rumor… that a fast food restaurant was caught adding worm meat to their hamburgers.

Not angry workers, but the company itself trying to find a beef substitute.

It wasn’t true at all.  Not even close.  It even seems silly now to hear it.

But in 1978, the rumor was spreading like wildfire across the Chattanooga area, to the point of hurting all restaurant business.

People swore that they saw the report on the national news.

This story goes to great lengths, very seriously, to finally put an end to the ridiculous story that people were spreading around.

But in case you start feeling too superior over the previous generation, we will point out that similar rumors like this have been popping up ever since.

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