NFL Combine Recap: Why one sneaky QB prospect might have helped himself more than anyone

The NFL combine came and went this past weekend, with a very clear group of winners and losers emerging. Not all of the names are quite as obvious as 40 times would tell you though — there are winners beyond the top-tier group of players too.

One of them is a sneaky quarterback name that Brady Quinn dropped on the Pick Six Podcast (Daily! NFL! Subscribe here!), a guy who is flying under the radar in a questionable quarterback class but could end up moving up boards thanks to his performance.

“Gardner Minshew for example. He’s the quarterback in this draft that reminds me most of Baker Mayfield. Minshew came out of Washington State, he was a grad transfer, went there one year and he was phenomenal in Mike Leach’s Air Raid system,” Quinn explained. “Primarily played in shotgun, though, and in the combine they make you drop back like you’re under center. I thought he handled himself really, really well. His footwork looked solid, he got good depth, he threw on time in rhythm and he was accurate as all get out.

“And if you look at him as far as his size and weight and just watch him throw and just how accurate he is in throwing the football on a lot of the combine routes that they had, he reminded me a lot about Baker.”

That’s high praise. The combine helped Mayfield vault himself to the top of many boards, eventually becoming the No. 1 overall pick for the Browns

Brady believes Minshew’s performance will vault him up, although don’t expect him to end up going that high. He might be more of a mid-round guy, but he’s still going to be pretty highly valued.

“He was a guy who definitely helped himself. You don’t hear a lot of people talking about him,” Quinn explained. “I can tell you this much: he’s going to interview well. People are going to love this young man — I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t get taken as a third-round pick, somewhere in the third/fourth/fifth round. I’ll be shocked if he went later than that. I think he’s a solid prospect who helped himself out a lot.”

The chatter with this draft class is all about Kyler Murray and, to an extent, Dwayne Haskins. It’s easy to gloss over the second tier of quarterback prospects during combine/draft SZN, but it’s also foolish to completely dismiss them. 

Minshew is exactly the type of guy who could end up surprising some people, which is why it would be foolish not to keep an eye on him throughout this process. 

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