NLRB Approves Union Election for a Small Group of Volkswagen Employees

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The National Labor Relations Board has officially scheduled an election date for a small group of employees working at Volkswagen plant in the Scenic City.

This will be the very first time a small group of employees at the plant will be allowed to decide whether or not they want the United Auto Workers Union Local 42 (UAW) to represent them. The election date is scheduled for December 3rd and 4th, but only164 maintenance, or skilled trades, employees will have the opportunity to vote.

For years now, the UAW has been competing with the American Council of Employees (ACE) for the right to represent V-W employees in Chattanooga. Representatives from A-C-E say they hope those who are voting, understand their rights and make the best decision for their future.

Maury Nicely, attorney for ACE, said he hopes those who are voting, fully understand their rights and make the best decision for their future, "My hope is that over time as employees look and they say okay we’ve got one course here that’s ACE, and you got another course that’s UAW. Which is more productive? Which is more focused on the good of the company?"

Tennessee’s AFL-CIO labor council, supporting UAW in the election, released a statement stating they, "stand by their brothers and sisters at UAW Local 42 as they take the next step toward achieving collective bargaining rights at the plant."

A long list of employees including technicians, managers, supervisors, and guards working at the plant won’t be allowed to vote. The election will be held in the conference center on the V-W Chattanooga campus.

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