No Vaccine Requirements

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. (WDEF)- Initial legislation that prevented state and local authorities from forcing Tennesseans to get the covid vaccine, received support from members in the Senate Health Committee like Senator Bo Watson.

“I’ve been vaccinated twice as a health care provider and I would encourage people to be vaccinated but even in the current vaccination world people like to refuse a vaccination based on religious reason” said Sen. Watson.

The bill that opposes vaccine mandates now includes incentives for people to receive unemployment benefits if they leave their employer for refusing to get a shot.

“When you make public health the highest law it sets aside the constitution” said Rep. Bud Husley who is the sponsor of HB0013. “Then it becomes all inclusive because it effects every area of your life and it’s unlimited.”

“There is absolutely no prospect at all that there is going to that there is going to be a government mandate for a vaccine” said Sen. Jeff Yarbro.

Representative Yusuf Hakeem agrees.

“In my view it’s not going in the right direction when you encourage people not to get a vaccination and essentially leaving their place of employment and receiving compensation for that” said Rep. Hakeem.

HB0013 however does not prevent private businesses and employers from requiring covid vaccines.

Health care professionals are excluded from the legislation.


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