Nokian Tyres plant construction update

RHEA COUNTY, Tenn.  (WDEF) – A foreign company is bringing jobs to the Tennessee Valley.

Right now the construction lot is covered with a lot of dirt and a little bit of concrete. But come next year, it will be a hub of automotive tire manufacturing.

Nokian Director of Marketing Hans Dyhrman says, “this past spring we really started heavy construction here on Nokian Tyre’s third factory globally, our first year in North America. This factory will produce upwards of 4 million tires as well as it was a $360 million investment for us.”

Nokian plans to be in full production capacity by 2020; that capacity is making over four million tires annually.

With over $360 million invested in the plant here in Rhea county, Nokian Tyres estimates about half of that will go directly back into the county’s economy.

Dyhrman also says the cooperation between state and local municipalities has been central to getting the project off the ground.

“I think its been a huge windfall for Rhea County overall. We’ve had great support from the city of Dayton, Rhea County, the state of Tennessee and the greater Chattanooga area in making this project come together. We couldn’t have done it without any one of the people on the team there.”

While the company promises growth for both Dayton and Rhea County, they also are committed to continuing sustainability with production.

“We’re actually rated by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the number one tire manufacturer for sustainability. Our factory in Nokia, where that’s located we actually have a biomass plant that’s located there that helps reduce the overall carbon footprint there. So we’ll continue to identify opportunities on this specific site that work for Rhea county and work for Nokian Tyres here to lower our carbon footprint,” said Dyhrman.

Nokian Tyres is currently employing 250 people through the construction process and plans to open up 400 more jobs once construction is complete.

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