North Alabama sees big voter turnout

STEVENSON, Ala. (WDEF) — Some call it a battle between old and new Alabama. Others say this election is just a continuation of the anti-establishment movement that elected President Trump. Either way, big numbers have come out to vote today across Jackson County.

Both the Stevenson and Bridgeport communities have seen more people come out to vote than the earlier primary and runoff elections, according to poll workers.

The two most recent poll results show completely opposite outcomes. One conducted by Fox News yesterday puts Democrat Doug Jones up by ten, while a poll done by Emerson gives Moore the nine point advantage.

A lot of the voters I talked to today don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, and they don’t have much trust in the polling data.

“Well, I think the news media tries to push an agenda and they try to be deceptive in the news, and mislead the people. That might cause them not to vote or to think differently of their convictions or beliefs and go another way,” John Hart of Stevenson said.

“They just keep putting Roy Moore down from the other gentleman.  And I don’t believe he did what they say he did. I think Roy Moore will get it,” Bridgeport’s Linda Howard said.

Alabama may be a red state, but this election is all about voter turnout, and Northwest Alabama was well-represented in the numbers.

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