North Georgia teachers add flexible seating to classrooms

WALKER COUNTY, Ga (WDEF) – Take a peak inside some classrooms at Cherokee Ridge Elementary School and you would find some non-traditional seating.

“It’s just like, you know, as an adult I’d rather sit on my couch and do school work then sit at a desk and so we kind of give them that option to do whatever is more comfortable for them,” 1st grade teacher Christy Arnold said.

In Arnold’s room there are desks, but there are also scoop seats, stools, and a tepee.

She said the teachers at the Cherokee Ridge have been adding flexible or modified seating for students for about a year.

“It’s a great motivator because they know that to be able to go to the special seats is what they call them that they have to have good behavior they have to follow the rules,” Arnold said.

Over in Catoosa County at Graysville Elementary School teachers are in their second year of using flexible seating.

“Our kids are changing.  Our world is changing and so therefore our classes need to change as well,” 2nd grade teacher Jan Nayadley said.

You won’t find one typical school desk in Nayadley’s classroom.

Instead she has couches, tables, and a rocking chair for her students.

The kids ability to choose their own seating and what works best for them, she said, is making a positive impact.

“I’ve notice that it’s really cut down on a lot of behavioral problems.  They know that working is not an option.  They have to do the work, but their seating is an option,” Nayadley said. “I do not see me ever going back to desks again.”

Not all of the classrooms at each school have flexible seating, but it is a trend schools are starting to see more of.


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