Not All Residents Support Bradley County E-Cig Ban

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN, (WDEF)-Nine out the ten commissioners present Monday night feel e-cigarette vapors are dangerous and unnecessary in Bradley County.

The controversial ban went into immediate affect this week, in all local government buildings.

Those in the e-cig business here in Bradley County say there is a growing demand for e-cigarettes as it helps those who smoke in the area stop.

Tim LeGrand, Owner of Golden Vapors,"A lot of fear-mongering going on. People trying to ban then just because they look like smoking. I’m one of the people that got killed by cigarettes twice. My heart surgeons are telling me you know, get as many people as you can on e-cigarettes and that’s what I’m doing"

Robert Prueitt, e-cigarette smoker,"I smoke them to quit smoking cigarettes. I’ve quit cold turkey since this past Thursday and these have seemed to work well. People in the general public don’t seem to mind them."

But commissioner Charlotte Peak-Jones says the chemicals in e-cigarettes are dangerous to children and voted in favor of the ban.

"This is not a city wide ban, we are still businesses restaurants, wherever, they get to chose if they want to allow those products in their facility"

Commissioner Jeff Yarber the sole opponent to the ban, thinks citizens should be allowed to make their own choices regarding e-cigarette usage.

"I don’t believe that those are decisions that government should be making, telling people they can or can not. I understand that these are county buildings but the tax payers still own the buildings.There’s no studies so far that’s been shown. All of the studies i’ve seen have been inconclusive."

Commissioner Peak-Jones believes enforcement will not be an issue as she trusts Bradley County residents to make the right choices when entering government buildings

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