Ooltewah Students In Advanced Marketing Class Help Re-Brand HCDE

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) — At Ooltewah High School, in Heather McIntyre’s Advanced Marketing Class students will be taking what they are learning and putting it into practice. With the Johnson group, they will help re-brand Hamilton County Schools.

“I had this great idea. I said hey, Dr. Johnson, let’s use the students of Ooltewah High School, let’s use marketing to see what they can produce and what they can promote for our county,” said Heather McIntyre, a marketing teacher at Ooltewah High School.

McIntyre thinks it’s beneficial for students to have this real world opportunity.

“I want the students to understand that it is really using what you know in the classroom and putting it to use, putting it to work,” she said.

From redesigning a logo to organizing public service and promotional events, students say this is a great way to experience marketing first hand.

“I am just thinking. It is going to be amazing. I will learn how the real world works. I will learn how meetings work, how marketing, how it really applies not in just a classroom, but to real people,” said Lucas Thompson, a marketing student at OHS.

McIntyre is preparing her students for their pitch to members of the Johnson Group.

“We have been working on brand positioning. We have also been working on what it means. What brand positioning means and the image of Hamilton County,” McIntyre said.

For some, this has them interested in pursuing a marketing career.

“The analytics behind marketing is so interesting to me, trying to figure out what people like and why they like it and the demographic and the numbers and everything,” said Julia Thompson, a student.

Students say they want to help showcase everything the school system has to offer.

“I mean that we have had four or five PHD teachers here, so the teachers are drawn to this school and this county because we just give great opportunities to the students,” said Benjamin Todd, a marketing student at OHS.

“I just want to get rid of the stigma that Hamilton County is just some public school system. We want it to be an amazing public school system,” said Kylan Whitt, a student.

Students will pitch their plan to the Johnson Group on September 14.


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some Ooltewah High School students are teaming up with The Johnson Group for an amazing opportunity— They are going to help re-brand Hamilton County Schools.

OHS Marketing Teacher Heather McIntyre pitched this collaboration to HCDE Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson.

She said, ”Both I and my Advanced Marketing students are excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to show Chattanooga and the world what Hamilton County High School students are capable of,” Ms. McIntyre said of the partnership.

Together they will be doing everything from redesigning a logo to organizing public service and promotional events.

Advanced Marketing Class student Julia Thompson said she is excited to get this type of real-world learning experience.

“At this point marketing isn’t even a class, it is a genuine learning experience with real world situations. We are learning about our world by partnering with the Johnson Group,” Miss Thompson said.

Using what the students have learned in class, they will be collaborating with The Johnson Group to develop a brand new marketing campaign.

“It’s one thing to learn from the book, but how do you really learn and prepare for the world of Marketing? Teaming up with professionals that work in the field and can offer their expertise to students,” added classmate Jake Page.

This partnership allows the students to receive a one-of-a-kind dynamic learning experience and to tear up the playbook of traditional education and replace it with a more innovative approach to learning.

“The Advanced Marketing Class is not your typical class. It offers a dynamic learning experience focusing on collaboration with the Johnson Group and many other Chattanooga businesses, giving us that marketing knowledge we desire,” said OHS student Kylan Whitt.

Dr. Johnson is excited about the potential he sees in this type of student-business partnership.

“I believe [Ms. McIntyre] has some great thoughts on ways to engage her students in this effort,” Dr. Johnson said.

Look for the efforts of The Johnson Group and OHS collaboration later this school year.

The Johnson Group is offering its services to HCDE at no charge.

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