Operator injured at Lake Winnie ride

LAKEVIEW, Georgia (WDEF) – The Georgia State Fire Marshal’s office says it was operator error that sent a ride- attendant to the emergency room Monday from Like Winnie.

According to fire marshal spokesman Glen Allen, one attendant on the Alpine Way ride was removing a 5-year old child from the ride after he pinched his hand.

Another attendant started the ride and the first employee fell and suffered cuts and bruises.

He was not believed to be seriously hurt.

The 5 year old was treated at the scene and stayed at the park with his family.

An investigator is on scene this morning.

The state has cited the amusement park for not properly informing them of other incidents on rides earlier this year.  But they have been satisfied with more recent reports like this one.

A woman was injured when she fell out of the Wild Lightning ride in May.

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