Organizations Prepare for Early Voting in Tennessee

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Registering, educating and engaging voters.

That’s the sole mission for organizations like the Hamilton County Voter Coalition.

Co-Chair Audrey Ramsey says the coalition recently partnered with the league of women voters and students.

Gathering volunteers to help the elderly secure their vote.

“Nursing homes, retirement places, as well as assistant living organizations who are registered to vote and want to vote through absentee ballots” said Ramsey.

Ramsey says her organization has also reached out to students 17 or older who will be 18 before November 3rd, “We’ve volunteers throughout the city and all the various high schools to wor with them registered to vote. In some cases it’s been online and some cases we’ve delivered the paper registration forms.”

“This feels like the Super Bowl for organizations like ours” said Director for The Equity Alliance in Chattanooga Dennis Clark

Clark says his organization has registered one thousand black voters in Hamilton County.

Along with rides to the ballot box, the Equity Alliance and their attorneys will offer what they call voter protection.

“If you go to the polls and there’s an issue we have a number you can call and we’ll also have people at the polls that you can reach out to immediately” said Clark. “If there’s issues like you’re registration is not found or if you need information on how to do a provisional ballot, or if they turn you around because you may not be wearing an appropriate t-shirt.”

News 12 asked Clark why his organization encourages early voting.

“It’s important to vote early so that no one is turned away or people don’t get fatigued by
waiting in long lines. I don’t recommend going on election day” said Clark

There are four early voting locations in Hamilton County: The Hamilton County Election Commission, Brainerd Recreation Center, Collegedale City Hall, and the Hixson Community Center.

Early voting will last from October 14th to the 29th.

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