Owner of nursing home arrested for not providing A/C for two years

DADE COUNTY (WDEF) – “This is pitiful. I’m distraught about it. When I told my wife when I left she was in tears and it’s heartbreaking to see the elderly people treated this way,” said Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross.

The Dade County Sheriff’s office said the Owner of Woodhaven Senior Living Kent Allen Womak was taken into custody after The Sheriff’s office found out there was no A/C for around two years at the facility.

“I talk to some of the residents and they say it’s been out for like two years. Even some of the employees say it’s not been working for two years except in his office. And his office area,” said Cross.

He said 10 elderly people have been taken to the hospital, two by ambulance.

“One man was so distraught he was vomiting because of the heat in there. So we’re in touch with adult protective services … We actually just loaded the other patients up in the vans. Our transit vans are taking them over to CHA Memorial in Fort Oglethorpe,” said Cross.

The temperature inside some of the rooms were 100 degrees.

“Like I said, the heat up there is around 100° for these elderly people. It’s just a wonder we didn’t have a fatality here. It’s just sad,” said Cross.

Despite it going on for two years Sheriff cross said he wasn’t told about the lack of A/C until this evening.

“I asked, have family members not complained. They said yes they’ve called adult protective services in the past. I said why didn’t they call her office and nobody could give me an answer. Call the police, call the sheriff’s office. Authorities know we can’t fix the problem if we don’t know about it,” said Cross.

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