Owner of New Spa to Donate Proceeds to Girls Inc.

"One step at a time and there isn’t anything you can’t do."

That is the advice from business owner Calina Burns who was a teen runaway and high school drop out and is now opening her second spa in Tennessee.

"My father was an abusive alcoholic and he’s no longer with us," Burns said. "I ran away from home when I was 16 and actually dropped out of high school. I have a neat story to tell looking back on it. I was actually able to pull myself up and get into the business world and piece meal my way through college."

She has run a very successful spa in Franklin, Tennessee for eight years despite a trying economy and is opening up Woodhouse Day Spa in Warehouse Row this week.

"It’s an incredible rewarding experience as a woman and a business owner in general to be in a position to infuse peace into peoples lives hopefully on a regular basis," she said.

Burns rags to riches story has inspired her to give back to her community.

She is donating 10 percent of her proceeds this opening week to Girls Inc. which is a nonprofit that supports and educates young women.

"I’m really excited about it because it speaks to my childhood that I came from."

The local Girls Inc. chapter on Greenwood Avenue is honored to have her on board.

"We are absolutely flattered and thrilled that Calina Burns selected Girls Inc to be a recipient of some of the sales at Woodhouse Day Spa," said Bea Lurie who is president and CEO of Girls Inc. in Chattanooga. "I had the opportunity to meet with her and learn of her story and what she struggled to get through and the resilience and incredible strength that she had."

Girls Inc. in Chattanooga opened in 1961 and has seen more than 26,000 girls go through the program and 100 percent of them went off to college.

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