Owner of Rancho El Canelo Says His Horse Racing Events Attract Record Numbers Despite Concerns Of Noise Pollution

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA, (WDEF)-Julie Reaves, Concerned North Whitfield County Resident,"I work at night and I can hear it over my tv in my house, we just want it to stop."

Julie Reaves along with other residents near Freeland Road just north of Dalton,  want Rancho El Canelo closed.

They believe the venue attracts criminal activity.

"I have called 911 at least 12 times in the last 3 years over that, they get drunk and come in and out, like one night we were going to church and they had got busted over here."

The owner of the track says he has been running the venue for  more than 8 years and as far he’s concerned there are no illegal activities or major concerns.

Ralph Presley,"There is no gambling but you know, I did, so hahah, but well, there’s no big gambling going on so."

Presley’s track has set record attendances for what he feels is a family friendly event.

"Been doing this 8 or 9 years and I would say the last 6 months is my biggest crowd."

The horse racing enthusiast will continue to run his track despite complaints of noise pollution.

"When those horses run you won’t hear any more cheering wanting them to go, than at two football games because they are really into it, they really cheer them on and it only lasts for 12 or 15 seconds."

     Presley tells News 12 his private security team can call 911 at any time if crowds get out of control or if there are tensions between rival Latino gangs.

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