Panel aims to address misconceptions about immigration

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — An organization in Chattanooga wants to reduce misconceptions about immigration.

People gathered at a panel discussion this afternoon that La Paz helped put together.
The purpose was to educate community members and reduce misconceptions about the immigration process in the United States.

“I think if the average American knew how difficult it was, they would say this is wrong, we’ve got to fix this. And then we would actually have reform,” said Carlos Calderin, an immigration lawyer.

They also addressed a new law in Tennessee regarding sanctuary cities.

“This law prevents departments from doing certain things, like creating sanctuary policies, but it doesn’t require departments to do anything particular in terms of enforcement,” said Martin Lester, an immigration lawyer.

“Frankly I think that it just sows more fear in our communities than it does anything else,” said Brittany Thomas Faith, an immigration lawyer.

They also weighed in on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

“Frankly it is a hostage situation in my opinion for congress right now wall for dreamers, wall for DACA, wall for this and it is taking these children who were raised here and using them as leverage 800 thousand DACA recipients, 800,000 DACA employees, which one matters, which one gets this, it is a really terrible situation,” Brittany Thomas Faith said.

Organizers with La Paz Chattanooga say it’s important to have these discussions.

“We really like to put on these types of events to encourage the professional community to stay educated on topics that may affect them, but may not, so they can continue to champion for the Latino community in Chattanooga,” said Lily Sanchez, with la Paz Chattanooga.

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