Parasail pilot rescued from a tree

MARION COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Marion county rescue teams had their work cut out for them this morning.

A parasail pilot ended up in a tree in a heavily-wooded area but it had a happy ending.

A number of rescuers were called to the scene, some from the Coalmont community, set up the rescue operation.

Volunteers joined to help cut down trees so that an electric company bucket truck could make its way up the trail.

The truck operator then raised the bucket up to the 27 year old pilot…who was lowered to safety.

He did not want to talk..but the lineman Josh Slatton did.

“We just kind of boomed up in under him and let him sit on it..then just kept easing up so he could stand on it until we could get him in the bucket..but it wasn’t too bad.”

A spokesman says the parasail, which is still in the tree is valued at 5000-dollars.

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