Parkridge Valley nurse praised for her tornado response

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A nurse at Parkridge Valley is being praised for her commitment to her pediatric patients after the Easter tornado.

News 12’s Bekah Birdsall has the story.

A nurse at Parkridge Valley Child & Adolescent campus went above and beyond after the tornado hit the East Brainerd area to make sure all of her patients were okay.

Parkridge Valley Child & Adolescent Campus is on Morris Hill Road, right next to Shallowford Rd, an area that was badly hit by the Easter storms.

We talked to Hallie Bailey about that night.

“I was of course on Facebook and on twitter and the news reports started coming in and the area got hit really really bad, so as I’m talking to him, some of the roads are going to be impassable from what I’m hearing if you’re on your way in, please let me know which way you go.”

Despite having a good excuse to stay home, she drove early the next morning to get to her shift through the fallen debris, trees, and power lines to get to her patients regardless of the difficulty in getting there.

“I’m from this area, I say this is my community. I knew that the roads were really bad and that my staff might have a hard time coming in, so, but I got kids to take care of here, and that’s what we do, we take care of the kids.”

She said the kids were taken to a safe spot when the tornado hit, but did not know what had happened the next morning.

“We did um talk to them and explain to them what happened, we allowed them to call their families and let everyone know they were safe.”

She said if she had to do it all over again, she would do it for the kids.

Her hospital is praising not only her dedication and endearing commitment to her patients but to her colleagues as well who also made the decision to come into work that day.

“We walked in and it was very dangerous, but as I’m walking in, I talk to everybody from our top of administrators down to our departmental health techs and there was no hesitation from anybody. Consistently I heard, ‘I’m on my way’, so we’re going to take care of our patients and that’s what we did.”

Reporting in Chattanooga, I’m Bekah Birdsall, News 12 Now.

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