Patti Malone inspires kids to love the library

At Normal Park Museum Magnet School the library is one of the favorite classrooms.

The kids say that’s because of a very special librarian.

Patti Malone is this week’s Golden Apple Award Winner.

Librarian Patti Malone reads from Snow Day! "The sleds will just shoop down that hill."

The book is all about fun in the snow, and with flakes gently falling outside that’s where a lot of these students be…

But for now they’re safe and warm in Ms. Malone’s library class.

She reads, "We have to hurry. No time to waste."

Twice a week Ms. Malone enjoys library time with these kids.

Sometimes they read stories and sometimes they learn new skills, but always Ms. Malone helps her students learn, "You’re a lot more hands on with the books with the little ones."

In fact, Ms. Malone loves books so much she even spends extra time helping those who want more to read.

Elizabeth Nikhomvan reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "She knows a lot about the books in our library and is very good at suggesting books that she thinks we would like."

The 3rd grader is part of Ms. Malone’s Accelerated Reading Club.

Elizabeth says, "Reading can take you on so many adventures and I just… It’s something where you can just get away."

She says Ms. Malone uses fun voices and finds way to inspire everyone to read.

Ms. Malone says, "It’s fun to find a book that clicks with a child. Because sometime they’re just not reading and you find that one certain book that tips them over the edge."

Ms. Malone says that’s half the fun of being a librarian.

She says when you get to know a child and identify their interests, you can find the right tools to help them grow.

Ms. Malone says, "It really is exciting to know ‘Wow I had a little bit to do with that development, and to see what they’re choosing to read and where they’re going."

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