Peach Bowl Preview

Despite all of the food and fun that go along with a bowl game, sometimes the best experience is the one you’re familiar with.
Hurts:”One of my great memories was going to Popeye’s the other night. I was kind of hungry, and it was really good.”
Alabama is in the playoffs for the third year in-a-row, and they’re certainly familiar with the setting in the Georgia Dome.
Kiffin:”Having been here for the three SEC Championships as well. I think that helps our guys.”
Also helps to have the nation’s top scoring defense, but the Alabama will have to stop the nation’s fourth highest scoring offense in Washington.
Saban:”They score 44 and-a-half points a game on offense. They’ve got a really good quarterback. They’ve got really good skill players on offense at the receiver and running back positions. They’ve got lots of speed.”
Tomlinson:”Their offensive line is a whole lot quicker than most of the offensive lines we have faced this year. They’re good at cutting defensive linemen off. Cut blocks and stuff like that.”
Alabama has scene some quality defenses this season, and they expect to battle another one on Saturday.
Kiffin:”I know they have spent a lot of time with Pete Carroll and that staff at Seattle. We see a lot of comparisons in the style of defense they play.”
Reporter:”Washington’s defense leads the nations in turnovers. What is it that enables them to create turnovers like that?”
Hurts:”Well they are ball hawks. They’re fast.”

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