Petition to remove the Confederate statue in Downtown Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tenn (WDEF) – Confederate statues across the United States are being removed as equal rights protests continue around the world.

In downtown Cleveland stands a 1910 memorial dedicated to confederate soldiers.

The statue stands directly in front of Lee University at the intersection of broad, ocoee, and 8th street.

Now a student of the university is asking for the city to have the statue removed from the area and into a more appropriate place.

Kelsey Elaine says the statue should be in a location where history and education are at the forefront.

“I don’t want that statue to be held in a place of honor or anything like that. I would prefer it be in an educational setting where people can look at it and say okay this is where our history was and our heritage but  we are moving on to something else,” says Kelsey Elaine, started petition.

For a link to the petition click here


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