Phil Bredesen hosts interfaith lunch in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — With President Trump coming to Chattanooga to show his support for US Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn, her opponent, Phil Bredesen, also made a stop ahead of the election.

On Sunday afternoon, Bredesen held an interfaith lunch. Nearly 500 people packed into the Bessie Smith Cultural Center. Leaders in the Jewish community, adressed the recent mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“Just eight days ago the American Jewish community experienced the largest single act of antisemitism in the history of this great country. Eleven beautiful lives were cruelly cut short in the most sacred of spaces, a place of worship,” said Michael Dzik, executive director of the Jewish Cultural Center.

There were prayers and moments of silence.

Bredesen took the stage to say we should put grudges aside and work together.

“If you are ready to try to move some things, make some compromises and bend a little bit and try to bring people in and bring people together, and solve some problems, then I would be very pleased to represent the people of Tennessee one more time,” Bredesen said.

Across town at the same time, people were lining up outside McKenzie Arena to listen to President Trump campaign for Bredesen’s opponent, Marsaha Blackburn.

Some people in line supported Blackburn.

“I am pro-life that is my biggest stance always. Fighting for the lives of the unborn,” Victoria Lawson said.

Others were curious.

“I want to hear what she has to say. I haven’t voted yet. I am going to vote Tuesday. So I want to hear what everybody has to say,” Susan Wooden said.

On the same day as the President Trump’s rally, Bredesen thought it was important to get his point across.

“I’ve got something to say and it is different than what he has to say. And I am glad I am here. The reception was great,” Bredesen said.

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