Phillips CPAP recall impacting millions

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Philips is recalling millions of CPAP machines used to treat sleep apnea.

“I’ve been in Chattanooga for 27 years. I have not experienced anything like this,” said Sleep Medical Specialist Dr. Anuj Chandra.

Back in June, Philips issued a recall for specifically affected ventilation and sleep apnea devices

“The noise abatement foam which is inside the machine and for unknown reasons is Disintegrating into the hose and people can actually inhale it,” said Chandra.

Now people who rely on CPAP to stay alive are put in a tough spot.

“For people with certain heart conditions, previous strokes, neurological conditions their risk for stopping are much more than a slight risk of having this form come through the house. Then for other people who have mild or sleep apnea, the risk of the foam outweighs the benefits of using it,” said Chandra.

The FDA has identified it as a Class I recall, the most serious type. He said don’t stop using your CPAP without contacting your doctor.

“Please be patient, it’s not the doctors or the medical equipment company that you got the machine from, their fault. Phillips is responsible for this. They do take ownership,” said Chandra.

He said normally doctors would say stop using the recalled machine and get another one but that’s not always possible now due to a backup in the supply chain.

“A lot of these ships are manufactured in China. So we really need to think of bringing these really important manufacturing concerns back in the US so we never have to face this again,” said Chandra.

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