Pilots fight at 37,000 feet in the cockpit

An Iraqi Airways Boeing 737 sits on the tarmac at Baghdad International Airport on September 18, 2004, in Baghdad, Iraq.

Photo by Wathiq Khuzaie/Getty Images

Two Iraqi Airways pilots had an argument during a flight and physically fought at 37,000 feet, AirLive.net reports. The aircraft, which left from an Iranian airport on Wednesday and was headed to Iraq, was carrying 157 passengers. 

Iraq’s Ministry of Transportation has opened an investigation into the pilots who fought in the air and the pilots have been ordered to stop flying, according to a translation of an Iraqi Airways statement posted on the ministry’s website. 

AirLive.net reports that security guards on the aircraft intervened to break up the fight that passengers say caused damage to the cockpit.

In 2015, Iraqi Airways, the national carrier of Iraq, was put on the EU Air Safety List — a list of airlines subject to operational restrictions or an operating ban in the European Union. A news release at the time said, “This list is essential to guarantee the highest level of air safety for European citizens, which is an absolute priority of the Commission.”

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