Police investigate another pipe bomb case in Tennessee Valley

KIMBALL, Tenn. (WDEF) — For the second time in a week, police found pipe bombs in Tennessee Valley homes.

Robert Gudger spent Tuesday afternoon playing outside with his dog. He has lived in Kimball for 50 years.

“Most of all it is a real good nice neighborhood,” Gudger said.

On Monday evening, Gudger noticed police at one of his neighbors. He didn’t think anything of it, until he saw more agencies respond.

“I thought what’s fire trucks and ambulances and all of that. Then I saw the bomb squad come in. Nobody told me what was going on but I pretty much put two and two together. You see a bomb squad, something is not right,” Gudger said.

Police say they found five pipe bombs in Christopher Ownens’ home. He faces a slew of charges including, possession of explosive components, reckless endangerment, and kidnapping. He is accused of holding a woman against her will in his house.

Christopher Owens

This is the second time in a week police have found pipe bombs in the Tennessee Valley. Last week in Dade County, a couple was accused of having 13 pipe bombs.

“It comes and goes in regards to the season so to speak. sometimes they pop up more frequently than others right now is just a time that we are getting a few more,” said Steven Brown, the Chattanooga Police Department Bomb Squad Commander.

CPD’s bomb squad responds to cases in the surrounding area.

“A pipe bomb is going to consist of any cast piece or steel, PCB aluminum, even cardboard for that fact of the matter,” Brown said.

It can be deadly.

“All in accordance to the proximity of the device and the size of the device,” Brown said.

Meanwhile Gudger is still in shock.

“I would have never thought there was somebody back there building bombs, you know,” Gudger said.

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