Police investigate two vandalism cases in Hixson

HIXSON, Tenn. (WDEF) — A school and athletic field were vandalized over the weekend in Hixson and police are trying to determine if the cases are related.

At the Hixson Youth Athletic Association’s park, people spent the morning painting. They are covering up graffiti. Over the weekend the park was vandalized.

“Some people had come through and graffitied different areas of the park anything from our walkways to score boxes, to bathrooms to our buildings,” said Chris Harvey, president of the Hixson Youth Athletic Association.

Some of the graffiti had a smiley face next to it, others were too inappropriate to share.

“I think it was some kids that were, I don’t know if they would live around here or how close they are. I think it was kids that were bored and needed something to do,” Harvey said.

While this is the first time the park was graffitied, there were other recent vandalism cases here.

“The other incidents we’ve had have been with break-ins. So damage to our concessions, whether it is broken out windows, busted wood planks that cover the windows all the way to they actually bent out one of our doors, to the point where it had to be replaced, trying to break-in,” Harvey said.

This wasn’t the only place targeted. Nearby, at Hixson Elementary School, windows were broken. Administrators also say they covered up vulgar words and racial slurs on signs and at the playground. Due to the proximity and time frame, school official believe this might be related to incident at the athletic field. Police are investigating to see if that’s the case.

In the meantime, organizers at the field say they will be rethinking security.

“We raise money to be able to put into the facility and to have to opt into an inexpensive camera system to deter stuff like this. It hurts the kids that are playing in the park, it hurts everyone,” Harvey said.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Chattanooga Police.



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