Police say Appalachian Trail murder suspect had threatened hikers before

DAMASCUS, Virginia (WDEF) – Investigators today explained the background of the arrest over the weekend along the Appalachian Trail.

Two hikers were stabbed on Saturday and one of them died.

Authorities have charged James Jordan with the attack.

On Monday, investigators say he had a history of approaching other campers along the trail and threatening to pour gasoline on their tents and setting them on fire.

And there have been stories for months circulating among hikers about other run-ins with Jordan in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.

He is from Massachusetts.

Just last month, he was arrested in Union County in Northeast Tennessee for threats with a machete.

But he was given probation and went back out on the trail.

Then on Friday night, four hikers said they were approached by a disturbed man who threatened them near the Mount Rogers National Recreation area.

Two fled and escaped.

But the man returned and got into a fight with one of the remaining hikers.

Investigators say he stabbed the male and then also attacked the woman.

She says he stabbed her multiple times, but she played dead and he left.

She went down the trail and got help.

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